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Hovedstad (Austin)

 To enjoy, preserve, and promote our Norwegian heritage …

Hovedstad – Capitol City – Austin, Texas

If you are interested in becoming a member of this organization, it is not required that you be of Norwegian descent, only that you will enjoy, preserve, and promote our Norwegian heritage. Become a member today! Print the Membership Form, and mail it in with your annual dues. You can also follow us on Facebook. Stay tuned for our 2019 events. Syttende Mai 05/17, Midsommer’s day (Sankthansaften) 06/23, Leif Erickson Day, 10/09, and Juletrefest 12/15. Dates are subject to change. Har du bra!

This looks like a great opportunity for your kids to learn Norwegian in Telemark. Sign up by Feb 1.

Click here to sign up!

Tusen Takk to all of you who attended our 2018 Juletrefest.  It was a great success with savory food and fine fellowship.  It was YOU who made the gathering so much fun!! Thanks to Brent Sjoseth for accepting and being elected President and Erik Fossum accepting and being elected Treasurer. Special Thanks to Mari-Anne Moore for her 4 years as Hovedstad Chapter Treasurer (2014-2018) and Erik Fossum for 4 years as Hovedstad Chapter President (2014-2018).

Turgoose Jazz Trio ( was outstanding!  Thank you Erik Fossum and Lisa Westerbeck for making it happen!
It was wonderful to hear Randi Parker, Carol Stimson, Erik Fossum, Lydia Fitzmaurice, & Maren Bridges sing Christmas Carols along with the band!

Special thanks go to:
Pam Rabon for her hours of enthusiastic help with so many of the event details.  She also printed name tags / programs and provided all the beverages.
Celeste Holbrook for her energetic support.  She picked up all the food,  helped me unload and reload my car. Rolled 75 napkins with red ribbon. Basically, anything I needed help with.
Randy and Sherry Lee for collecting dinner admission, membership dues, raffle money and silent auction money. Randy also shared some interesting info on St Lucia’s Day.
Sherry Lee for setting up the silent auction table.
Don Gaskin for once again coming as our Nisse !
Randi Parker and Kay Knutsen for providing children’s treats for Nisse.
Kay Knutsen for putting up the flags and providing Norge tourist guides.
Randi Parker, Anna Marie & Mike Leystra, Maren Bridges for the handmade table decorations.
Leila Tackett for the LED candles.
Yvonne Connell for reciting the lovely prayer.
Lydia Fitzmaurice for wearing her exquisite Bunad and explaining the specific details.
Everyone who brought silent auction items!
Marne Olson for donating the beautiful Norwegian sweater to the Raffle.
Janet Merideth for donating the special dog collar/leash and embroidered pillow cases to the Raffle.
Ella and Zoe Holbrook for helping Randy Lee with the Raffle drawing!  It was a huge success!!
Everyone who brought the delicious desserts, mashed potatoes and rutabaga !!
Marne Olson for the mountains of delicate Krumkake & Rosettes.
The Sunde Family for the exceptional Kranskake !  Again !!
Pam Rabon, Celeste Holbrook, Randi Parker, Kay Knutsen, Anna Marie & Mike Leystra, Maren Bridges, Randy & Sherry Lee for the amazing “set up in an hour” and amazing “clean up in an hour”
You guys are a MACHINE !!

Hovedstad - Syttende Mai 2014

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

2019 Chapter Officers

    President – Brent Sjoseth
    Vice-President – Deborah Holbrook
    Treasurer – Erik Fossum
    Financial Secretary – Randy Lee
    Secretary – Christina Moore
    Membership/communications – Position open, please inquire

Contact Information

Hovedstad Chapter Norwegian Society of Texas
2314 Westrock Dr.
Austin, TX 78704

Brent Sjolseth

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