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Leif Eiriksson's Small World, a Rekefest Remembrance
Published on: 10/8/2019
Some lesser known history about Leif's family, friends, and their friends -- gives a bigger picture on the interrelated of Vikings who lived when Leif Eiriksson lived.
44th annual Leif Eiriksson Banquet!
Published on: 8/28/2019
Viking chapter of the Norwegian Society of Texas would like to invite you to the 44th annual Leif Eiriksson Banquet!
Viking Chapter Posten - August 2019
Published on: 8/26/2019
Dallas area newsletter!
Visnes Copper Mine / Statue of Liberty
Published on: 8/25/2019
The Statue of Liberty originally called Liberty Enlightening the World symbolizing liberty in the form of a woman wearing flowing robes and a spiked crown of seven spokes (symbolizing the seven oceans and the seven continents) who holds a torch aloft in her right hand and carries in her left a book of law inscribed "July 4, 1776". The broken chains, symbolizing the overthrow of tyranny, lie at her feet.
Published on: 5/31/2019
St. John's / Midsummer Eve
Eidsvoll 1814
Published on: 5/10/2019
Norwegian Center for Constitution
Barneblad: 17 fun facts about 17. Mai!
Published on: 5/9/2019
The Norwegian American
Our Savior's Lutheran Church at Norse, Sesquicentennial Celebration
Published on: 5/6/2019
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in the Norse Community is excited to have you help us celebrate our 150 year Journey of Faith on June 9, 2019. Over the years, we have gathered many photos and we will be posting some of them here. To that end, we are asking all our members and friends and families to search out your own photos relating to Our Savior’s over time. Please send us photos and stories that we can use. You have a choice of delivery methods:
Published on: 4/13/2019
Clifton: Norwegian Capital of Texas and more...
The Althing
Published on: 3/9/2019
Viking-Age Laws and Legal Procedures
Norwegian Language Courses from a Distance
Published on: 3/8/2019
The University of North Dakota currently offers 1st and 2nd year Norwegian Classes Online!
Enormous, rare Viking ship burial discovered by radar
Published on: 2/6/2019
Archaeologists in Norway using ground-penetrating radar have detected one of the largest Viking ship graves ever found. By Andrew Curry
The Karl & Sedsel Questad Farm
Published on: 2/6/2019
The Karl & Sedsel Questad Farm –
19th Century Norwegian Rock Structures in Bosque County Texas –
A Case for Preservation –
How Much Viking Lore Is True?
Published on: 2/1/1956
“In TV series from Vikings to Game of Thrones, the icy wastes of the north provide the backdrop to dramatic, often violent, stories of kings and warriors, dragons and trolls.